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Jams, Jelly and Marmalade

Apricot Jam

An oldie but a goodie! Excellent as a glaze on ham or pork; use as an additional flavour to most casseroles or rissoles; use on toast, fresh bread and scones.


Blackberry, Fig & Balsamic Jam

A rich tempting jam with subtle undertones of balsamic and figs, delicious on toast, muffins or scones.


Blackberry, Fig & Balsamic Paste

A unique paste to add to the cheese platter.

Blueberry & Port Conserve

A rich mellow blend of locally grown blueberries, port and freshly juiced apples and is especially good with scones, pikelets or waffles.


Cherry & Brandy Conserve

A sophisticated jam created with the wonderful combination of Tasmanian cherries and an old french recipe.


Greengage Plum Jam

Another old favourite returned to favour. It has the flavour of a sweet plum jam and tastes great on toast, fresh bread and scones hot from the oven!

Gooseberry Jam

Made from locally grown gooseberries this jam is making a welcome comeback to most breakfast tables. Also great as a glaze on most roasts.



Jostaberry Jam

Introducing the WOW factor of jams! A reasonably new product introduced to the local tastebud, but what a flavour! Has the tartness of a blackcurrant and the sweetness of a gooseberry. A must for most jam lovers.


Orange & Whisky Marmalade

A delightful tangy blend of juicy oranges and fine old scotch whisky a true old fashioned breakfast classic.

Raspberry & Kirsch Jam

The Original rich and fruity Tasmanian specialty jam with a delicious kick of sour cherry kirsch liqueur. A gourmet’s delight!



Spiced Apple & Raspberry Jam

A combination of locally grown raspberries and apples with a touch of spice added which will enhance your Devonshire teas.


Strawberry Conserve

An old favourite which is great with scones and cream and also spread generously on your toast or fresh bread.

Quince Jelly

A traditional favourite. Perfect on toast or on a cheese platter.