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Relishes and Sauce

Tomato & Chilli Relish

A classic traditional relish rich in flavour with a chilli bite. This relish is a marvelous accompaniment to barbequed or grilled meats or to enhance the pleasures of a good curry.


Roast Pepper Relish

A zesty vibrant relish, richly tasting of roasted red peppers and bursting with flavours of the Mediterranean. Superb with pate, cheeses, hot or cold meats. A perfect partner for pastas and makes an excellent topping for pizzas. Sunshine in a jar.


Apricot and Ginger Chutney

A fruity chutney, rich with apricots and ginger. Perfect with cheese and crusty bread or used as a glaze for chicken

Spicy Apple Chutney

Hot and spicy with fresh apples and chillies. Wonderful with roast pork or chicken fillets and is excellent as an accompaniment for curries.


Chilli Jam

Chilli Jam Very hot Asian style using a combination of fresh and dried chillies for its powerful flavour.


Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce

Hot but not excessively so, chock full of chillies and laced with fresh ginger, garlic, coriander and lemon grass. Excellent with stir fry’s, barbequed meats or served as a wedge dip with sour cream. For the chilli lover the uses are endless.